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re-Branding for a New Beginning

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Welcome to Weddings of the Keys! A Destination Wedding in Key West is more than just a wedding. Thre is so much to see and do in the Keys, I hope to show everyone the Key West I live in and love. Key West is famously an island and we are of course, surrounded by water. The ocean provides bountiful resources for residents and visitors alike. From a fresh cought fish dinner to a romantic sunset sail aboard a schooner. A morning snorkel or just dipping your toes into the water.

I try to visit Fort Zachary Taylor State Park every week to take in the sight of the ocean, the

shade of our Pine trees and the laughter of children running to and from the water. You can almost set your watch by the jet ski tours that come around every day. Those who are younger an more adventurous in the front, and those who may be apprehensive and slower bringing up the rear. Everyone is having fun though. You can often see parasailing boats just off shore too. Commercial and personal pleasure craft, canoes and kayaks as well. Twice I have had the good fortune to observe Navy training, with 60 or so soldiers paddling in inflatable rafts, then flipping and bringing them in.

Our Equine Officers can also be found occasionally in the morning, exercising their horses and letting them enjoy a walk in the surf.

Key West is a special place for so many reasons. Our festivals and events happen every month and our colorful characters and culture provide a respite from the rat-race up north. I hope you can join us for a visit.

Lobster mini-season just passed and now we are collectively looking forward to Lobster Fest on August 9th - 12th. I'll be at the Bagatelle booth waiting for my tempura lobster tail in honey sauce. Enjoy,

Mary Beth & Weddings of the Keys

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